Youth Dew: Flannery Silva

Flannery Silva.

May 9, 2015

Youth Dew

The Only Lost Girl Who Helps Me With My Motivation Map
she should be here right now comforting you
not as strong as a swollen stream in early may
a feeling i only want to poke with a stick
Sick Dove, Fantasies Of Abduction
prairie pusher belonging in a bed of hay
Melted Changeling, Student Holding Teacher
assault the moon for me
steal a cloud for me
i’m bride-hopeful with no god crutch
Drawers Hiked, Ode To Bloomers
milk-teeth missing, lips bee-stung, nipples swell
nothingness for baby
Poor Girl’s Excuse For A Disposition
cherry stained
lipstick called life
I Am The Thread That Will Mend Your Worn Heart
qUiLt TiL u WiLt
if i had a flower for every time…
Rockaby With My Natural Curtsy
like, like a sigh
rip a ribbon & watch me fall


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