Watching Things Burn

curated by Alex Ito

June 13 – July 25, 2015

The home is still there. Although dusted with the patina of charcoal and the memory of ruin, those last moments may have been my fondest. The house danced and sang through the crackle of blaze, immortalized in legend.

That house in that fire.

Panic and calamity stirred in the crowd but we came to realize what was before us.  

We all watched together.

Springsteen is pleased to present, Watching Things Burn, a group exhibition featuring the work of Jason Benson, COBRA, Chloe Maratta, Izabelle New, Alex PerweilerSydney Shen, and Zachary Susskind. Watching Things Burn discusses the modes of measuring performance through varying media. The works in the exhibition present an emotive and semiotic movement, challenging how artists and audiences quantify and represent trauma, humor and the absurd.