I <3 My Emergency,

Amanda Horowitz and Nandi Loaf

10/17 – 11/21

Springsteen presents I <3 My Emergency,; featuring work by Nandi Loaf and Amanda Horowitz. Each artist presents work through a performative lens, including both videos and objects. Nandi Loaf’s work explores fandom, celebrity, and troll culture through social media. For this exhibition, she presents her Slipknot Collection consisting of handmade and appropriated Slipknot memorabilia. “Slipknot is my favorite band. This is the beginnings of my Slipknot collection. My collection consists of licensed Slipknot music memorabilia and objects made by me as an artist and a fan of the band. I am Nandi Loaf the amateur Slipknot mask-maker & fan.” In Horowitz’s video, Revenge Poem, the female is constantly being addressed, accounted for, rewritten, and repurposed. Like a JPEG she has become pure data traveling through cyberspace, losing sharpness and becoming a lo-fi, genderless image. In addition, she includes work from Eracer Girl, a multifaceted hyperobject of her experiences of 9/11.

Loaf and Horowitz address social and political structures through complex, obsessive worlds. Loaf’s work is satirical and embodies a laid back, casual attitude. She makes work about things she loves often paired with referential pop culture narratives and self awareness, creating a body of work that defies categorization. Horowitz confronts social constructs through a layering of virtual and physical materials. The work searches for a female subject through confounding theatrical techniques and prop-like objects, acknowledging their constructed and impossible statures. They are both assured, yet elusive.

Nandi Loaf (b. 1991, Brooklyn, NY) is an artist working in New York. Nandi Loaf graduated from Cooper Union in 2014, and has recently participated in the BHQFU artist residency program. Nandi Loaf’s favorite band is Slipknot. Nandi Loaf is the most important artist of the 21st century.  Follow Nandi Loaf on Instagram (@nandi_loaf),  follow her on Twitter (@nandiloaf), add her on Facebook (Nandi Loaf) and subscribe to her YouTube channel (ya2usabe).

Amanda Horowitz (b. 1991, Washington, DC) is a Baltimore based artist. Her video and performance work casts possible subjects who can reach towards unknowable political futures. She has exhibited and presented her videos, writing, and collaborations, including a one-act play that she co-wrote and directed (Shy World, 2014) and a solo exhibition at Terrault Contemporary (We Are Lesion, 2014). An essay from her ongoing project “Horizontal Ideas for Open-Ended Bodies” was presented at the 2014 Society for Literature Science and Art’s conference on the panel “Activism Performed: Fluidity of Genre in Text and Performance.” She received her BFA in sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2014) 


Garden of Delete – CITY PAPER