Minku, Are You Here?: Sofia Leiby, Bunny Rogers, Ben Horns

October 19 – November 16, 2013

Dear Minku, 

This is an invitation to a group exhibition I’ve organized at Springsteen, as a tribute to you. Minku, Are You Here? is a play on Mingei: Are You Here, an exhibition set to open the same week at Pace Gallery in London. 

When acquainted with someone, we become aware of their idiosyncrasies, sensibilities and affect. We understand what someone means to us if and when we are fortunate enough to form a long-standing relationship with them. If our encounter is brief, we find ways of preserving or reliving our first impressions, in order to define that person for ourselves. A portrait emulates the experience of meeting or knowing a person, translating affect into composition and motif. By that same token, the portrait projects aspects of the artist’s persona onto his/her subject. A portrait always establishes a relationship between subject and spectator. 

I hope to articulate certain experiences that I’ve shared with you, or impressions I’ve had of you through passings-by, interactions online, or something as simple as seeing you bike by from a window. Selecting the work of participating artists is inspired by you as well as the difficulty of expressing my impressions of you to another person. In all honesty, our interactions have probably been brief, but meaningful. I am always inspired by your outlook and sense of style. In the words of another friend this is a “butterfly kiss” to you.



Springsteen presents Minku, Are You Here?, a group exhibition curated by Max Guy, featuring the work of Sofia Leiby, Bunny Rogers, and Ben Horns.