Jardin N°19: Erika Ceruzzi + Alex Ito

October 24 – December 28, 2014

Jardin N°19, a two person exhibition by Erika Ceruzzi and Alex Ito. For this exhibition, Ceruzzi and Ito have created a co-dependent installation that inhabits the gallery. Ceruzzi implements a hanging horizontal rail system that sculpturally navigates through the space, doubling as an armature for her embroidery works. At a singular point in Ceruzzi’s structure, a vertical pole drops to meet with one of Ito’s floor sculptures which acts as a stage for his objects; taking the form of a planter filled with artificially produced floral elements. By adopting a perfume’s evocation of an imaginary garden, Jardin N°19 investigates the conditions of access and exclusion that are present within corporately induced desire.

A composite of parity and chance, au naturel

Stems a pause between sense and sensation

cause; the body

effect; it blooms


Jardin No. 19 – CITY PAPER