The Squinter’s Watch: Colin Foster

Solo Presentation 

Saturday, July 9 – August 6, 2016

I walk past the park holding some groceries when I see some junk kids gathering around the trunk of a juniper tree. There’s a girl in a hot pink skirt looking up with her mouth open at a dragon tangled in the branches. Struggling to breathe through the leaves, its silver scales are dented from the grasp of a branch. The boys throw cans at it and the girl says damn we should probably do something about this, and takes out a 40-volt lithium ion chainsaw and starts cutting. And the dragon regards her with intense feelings of loneliness, and the girl feels powerful to be conquering this armored beast surrounded by juniper berries that seem as though they’d taste like vodka and sea salt, dangling like ornaments. The wood splinters and the dragon heaves majestically, parting the branches like a curtain and spreading its wings like dragons are depicted to do in folklore, and blows out a curl of fire that engulfs the girl and her hot pink skirt, as I stand there thinking about how someone probably loved that juniper tree.

~ Nicolette Polek


The Squinter’s Watch – ART VIEWER


The Self-Aware Slug, 2016 / Custom Softwear, Linux Computer, Vinyl

Young Plastec Son, 2016 / UHMW, ABS, PP, PVC, Silicone, Custom Electronics, Submersible Pump

Temporal Pressure, 2016 / Land Rover Discovery instrument panel, custom electronics

Another Salad, 2015 / Corregated Plastic, ABS, Tape, Acrylic, PVA, Hardware

A Display of Horse, 2016 / Pine, Acrylic, UHMW, SBR, Hardware

Inbetween Wet Drops.. Retired, 2016 / Found hiking boots, Hardware

The Problem With Busses, 2016 / Aluminum, Maple, Urethane Foam, Steel, Silver, Hardware

Again, John considered two days, 2016 / MDF, Poplar, Oak, PVA, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Epoxy, UHMW, Aquaresin, Banana, Steel, Silver, Hardware

Eveninging, (in collaboration w/ Colin Van Winkle), 2016 / Fiberglass, Epoxy, Enamel, Custom Electronics, Hardware